Manpreet Grewal

A gastrointestinal surgeon has little time to volunteer in their community, but Doctor Manpreet Grewal does what he can to help the charitable organizations in the Jacksonville, FL communities where he worked.

Doctor Manpreet Grewal would like to contribute more of his time, but for now, he will assist charities with monetary donations.

Grewal is passionate about his support for the Florida School for the Deal and the Blind in St. Augustine, FL. The school is the largest boarding school for deaf and blind children in the United States and serves 600 students on its campus. Another 400 infants and toddlers are served by the school through its statewide parent Infant program.

Doctor Manpreet Grewal donates financially and regularly drops off clothing at the Sulzbacher Center in Jacksonville. The Sulzbacher Center is the city’s largest homeless facility and case managers work with individuals to plot a transition back into the workforce and the community.

The nonprofit Make-A-Wish foundation also receives financial contributions from Grewal. The Make-A-Wish program grants life-changing wishes to children who have a critical illness and are between the ages of 30 months and 18 years.

“I wish I could help more on a volunteer basis but right now I don’t have the time between work and my family,” Grewal said. “Someday I will be able to give more time to the organizations I want to support.”

As the first colorectal surgeon in the office of the Jacksonville-based North Florida Surgeons, Grewal became invaluable because of his advanced surgical techniques in robotic and laparoscopic procedures.

Grewal honed his skills in robotics during a surgical residency at the Rhode Island Colorectal Clinic under the training of Dr. Jorge Lagares, one of the first colorectal specialists to begin using the robotics technology during abdominal and intestinal procedures

The advanced training made Grewal a sought-after commodity in Northern Florida for hospitals that had patients who required the expertise of a colorectal surgeon when the technical expertise of Grewal.

“Abdominal and intestinal surgeries can be long and complicated procedures that require intense preparation,” Grewal said. “And the recovery process for patients can require quite a bit of attention as well.”